I work in an educational organisation

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I work in an educational organisation

Being able to communicate about courses, celebrate success of students and generating higher enrolments are key for an educational organisation. The methods that are now adopted for marketing have become heavily digitally focused. We know that to have a dedicated digital resource is a challenge and with the ever changing elements keeping up to date is tough. The Digital Marketing Hub offers everything you need to fully understand and utilise digital marketing.

The DMH is packed full of free online resources to support learning from bite size webinars, easy to use tools, templates, education on social media and direct marketing, paid advertising (PPC), live and recorded webinars sessions as well as a recognised qualification from the digital marketing institution.

The content has been designed to help you find a solution to your digital marketing challenge, such as those below:

  • We are keen to ensure we fully understand digital marketing to stay abreast of the opportunities digital marketing presents and communicate about it in a relatable and understanding manner.
  • I/we have learners who require digital marketing knowledge and or qualifications.
  • My organisation does not have a dedicated marketing team/no support or only has a single person or small team. I/we want to develop the opportunities to utilise digital marketing to gain more student awareness, enrollment on a specific course or to reach particular groups.

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The webinars have really focused my mind what what I am trying to do and why. Motivated me to get on and use social media to benefit our organisation.