I am a Chair, Director or CEO in Physical Activity

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I am a Chair, Director or CEO in Physical Activity

Marketing has changed dramatically in the past ten years and with digital marketing being a significant part of any marketing strategy, the possibilties when used correctly are endless. The challenge is how to use it and what works best for your business or organsation to get the results you seek. The Digital Marketing Hub has been created with the Digital Marketing Institute, CIMSPA and Sport England to provide a free resource hub so that users can use digital marketing to its full potential.

The DMH is packed full of free online resources from bite size webinars, learning tools, templates, learning on social media and direct marketing, paid advertising (PPC), live and recorded webinars sessions as well as a recognised qualification from the digital marketing institution.

The content has been designed to help you find a solution to your digital marketing challenge, such as those below:

  • I am keen to fully understand digital marketing to ensure I can stay abreast of the opportunities digital marketing presents to the organisation and communicate about it in a relatable manner.
  • I do not have a dedicated marketing person so I need to understand digital marketing to help raise our profile within the local community.
  • There is an awareness that we need to utilise a specific digital marketing element – google/social media/SEO/website to gain positioning and possibly PPC adverts.

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Thanks to the Digital Marketing Hub we have used analytics to assess how current marketing strategies are working and using it to shape what is done in the future.