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The Digital Marketing Hub is here to help improve your digital marketing to engage, gain and retain more clients and members.

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We know that not being able to reach people and being hidden in plain sight is a massive frustration for many people, clubs and organisations across sport and physical activity. Having worked so hard to offer engaging sessions and experiences, the public just don’t seem to know where to find your club, session or activity. Our mission is to help you, our community, go beyond that point of frustration and to become connected with the people you can best help.

A community platform

The home of the Digital Marketing Hub is a community platform. Packed full of amazing content, learning and resources to nurture a passionate community of users who can support each other, share and create powerful new learning experiences together.

By being community first, we aim to be responsive to the needs of everyone in the Digital Marketing Hub. And unleash the collective empathy, expertise and enthusiasm of everyone involved.


Full of support and resources

From social media templates, digital marketing planning guides, webinars and engaged users. The hub is an awesome way to connect and improve your digital marketing:

  • A platform full of engaged users
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Top tip videos in bite size format
  • Blogs, podcasts, webinar recordings, guides, templates
  • A library full of guides and templates

Get 1-2-1 Google support and take part in an Accelerator Programme

The Hub runs an accelerator programme to aid your learning through group cohorts (application is necessary), as well as FREE 1-2-1 mentoring by Google Digital trainers.

Become part of an engaged community

Once you have become registered you can also invite friends and colleagues and be in with a chance to join our Ambassador Programme. 

As if that wasn’t enough the Hub also has a strong community, here you can also select your level of learning so you can meet people on the same level as yourself! 

Choose where you begin your journey:

  • Ready – A group created for those who are less confident in digital marketing.
  • Revive – A group for those looking to upskill and get back into the digital marketing game.
  • Rise – A group for those who are comfortable in their actions but are looking for improved results from marketing activities.

Spread the sports and physical activity word far and wide. Learn how with the Digital and Marketing Hub.

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There’s so much you can do! Took away loads of ideas! Honestly one of the most useful and comprehensive webinars I’ve attended. Thanks so much.

Thanks to the support of the Digital Marketing Hub we have managed to increase our Facebook reach by 78% and Instagram by 189%.