I work for a Governing Body or Active Partnership

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I work for a Governing Body or Active Partnership

Being able to engage with hard to reach groups, promote a new inititaive or gain a qualification is key to your orgainsation’s, and your personal, success. The Digital Marketing Hub includes modules from the Digital Marketing Institution, deisgned to take you on a learning journey to gain a qualification and get stuck into learning about how digital marketing can really support your aims, help with ideas and build an engaging community.

The DMH is full of useful resources from bite size webinars, learning tools, templates, guidance documents, live and recorded webinars sessions as well as a recognised qualification from the digital marketing institution.

The content has been designed to help you find a solution to your digital marketing challenge, such as those below:

  • I have employees who want to improve their knowledge of digital marketing to further their career and knowledge base. We want them to be involved in a new initiative and understanding digital marketing better will help them to do this.
  • I need to upskill some employees/volunteers to gain a Digital Marketing Institute qualification.
  • I need to access webinar learnings and bite size education resources for the wider team and clubs/groups/individuals associated with the NGB.
  • We need to offer a digital marketing solution as a tool kit to our members.

Find out how we help local sport and community clubs

I completed the Playbook and am continuing to learn from the regular webinar schedule, which I would recommend to anyone looking to boost their digital skills