I volunteer for my local sport or community club

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I volunteer for my local sport or community club

We know how many things there are to juggle as volunteer for your local club or community group. Promoting and reaching new people is really important but it can take time. And there are so many ways to do that these days. That’s why we created the DMH.

The DMH is packed full of free resources from bite size webinars, learning tools, templates, learning on social media and direct marketing, paid advertising (PPC), live and recorded webinars sessions as well as a recognised qualification from the digital marketing institution. 

The content has been designed to help you find a solution to your digital marketing challenge, such as those below:

  • We need to expand our knowledge on how to apply digital marketing to help grow the sports club, the findings will be presented to the committee.
  • We have a desire to learn about digital marketing as no-one is overly confident in the ‘club’ to use effectively and gain results.
  • We have a fundraising event for the ’club’ and there is a suggestion that using social media would be beneficial to help spread the word, but we are not sre where to start!
  • There is a need to establish new ideas to connect with the local community or an under represented group, we need to learn and share experiences with other ‘clubs’ to find out what has worked for them with digital marketing.

Find out how we help local sport and community clubs

There’s so much you can do! Took away loads of ideas! Honestly one of the most useful and comprehensive webinars I’ve attended. Thanks so much.