I am a freelance trainer, self-employed or sole trader

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I am a freelance trainer, self-employed or sole trader

Running your own business or being your own boss is one of the hardest but most rewarding things you can do. We know that the landscape of ‘marketing’ is ever changing and it can be a minefield. But we also know you like to learn and grow professionally for yourself and your business. The DMH has been created to provide you with free resources to make sure you fully understand and can utilise digital marketing at the highest level.

The DMH is packed full of free resources from bite size webinars, learning tools, templates, learning on social media and direct marketing, paid advertising (PPC), live and recorded webinars sessions as well as a recognised qualification from the digital marketing institution.

The content has been designed to help you find a solution to your digital marketing challenge, such as those below:

  • I am keen to ensure I fully understand digital marketing to ensure I can stay abreast of the opportunities digital marketing presents to me.
  • I have a desire to upskill some selected employees/volunteers to gain a Digital Marketing Institute qualification.
  • I have a desire to ensure that our team is fully aware of the extent that digital marketing can aid/develop the organisation.
  • I want to be able to understand and use digital marketing in new ways to benefit myself and my company.

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Being part of the Digital Markeing Hub has given me the confidence to explore platforms that appeal to a younger market, and have previously been out if my comfort zone.