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The 5 pillars of Digital Marketing

Posted by Gemma Bonska

Since the launch of the Digital Marketing Hub over 8,000 members have registered and they have all helped us learn and understand the needs of everyone using the DMH.

With consistent feedback and analytics we have taken the DMH to the next level!

As the DMH is designed specifically for the leisure, sport, fitness and health sector we felt it was important to connect our members mission and values with our own.

We want everyone to have a healthy balanced relationship with digital marketing – so in turn as our DMH members are busy helping clients, stakeholders and customers to be healthy, happy, and active.

Together, we recognise and support the need to have a healthy balance.

Welcome to the 5 pillars of Digital Marketing.

From our learnings we have identified that there is a consistent challenge and therefore direction which we have now developed. All the content that is produced within the DMH moving forward will be focused on one of our 5 pillars.

Allowing members new and existing to refine their journey and overcome any digital marketing sticking point.

Pillar 1 – Know your Audience  

Pillar 2 – Know your Community

Pillar 3 – Know your Message

Pillar 4 – Know your Tools 

Pillar 5 – Know your Success

To find out more about the 5 pillars and to get started, make sure you have joined the Digital Marketing Hub. 

In addition to the 5 pillars of Digital Marketing we have introduced the Silver Accelerator Programme, this is what the three groups form within the DMH community;

Ready – A group created for those who are less confident in digital marketing.

Revive – A group for those looking to upskill and get back into the digital marketing game.

Rise – A group for those who are comfortable in their actions but are looking for improved results from marketing activities.

We have created monthly challenges for each member which consist of bite size projects which will in turn support digital marketing development and earn members CPD points with CIMSPA.

To join a dedicated group and find a comprehensive range of support for digital marketing, simply register with the Digital Marketing Hub for free:

To find out more about the Digital Marketing Hub please visit