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What’s happening in June?

Posted by Gemma Bonska

After a hectic start to 2023, it’s time to look forward to the summer months and the chance to catch up on all the Digital Marketing Hub resources. 

In May, the team launched new groups within the Hub, each with carefully chosen themes to provide a journey of learning. Content is retained within the Hub, so you never miss a thing!

June’s themes and challenges are:

The Ready group – Maximising impact with limited time; the 54321 challenge!

The Revive group – Nailing your USP, value proposition, and personas; Persona refinement template and build.

The Rise group – Analytics and optimisation; Get to grips with GA4.

Each month includes a challenge to aid learning and ensure everyone comes away with key successes from the groups. You can also join co-creation cafes and wrap up sessions every month, giving members the opportunity to meet and engage with people from the group and make new connections within the community.

Keep an eye out for July’s Themes!

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The Digital Marketing Hub launches the Consumer Insight Report

Posted by Gemma Bonska

Since 2021 over 8,000 people have registered for the Digital Marketing Hub, the go-to resource for anyone in sport, physical activity, fitness or leisure to hone their digital marketing skills and know-how.

Digital marketing success is dependent on understanding the wants, needs, and behaviours of a target audience, client or participant. But this is easier said than done. Which is why the team at the Digital Marketing Hub have been busy creating our new Consumer Insight report.

This report has been created exclusively for members of the Digital Marketing Hub and provides insight on how people in England are engaging with sport, fitness and exercise. 

With detail on audience demographics, including education, region, age, dependents and ethnic group, the key elements of the report highlight:

This easy to read report provides information which can be used in a variety of ways including informing a digital marketing plan, creating content and understanding how to engage different audiences.

Ollie Holt from the Digital Marketing Hub says “We regularly create new resources to help people feel more confident with their digital marketing, and make it easier for them to deliver it. We hope that our members gain value from this Consumer Insight Report and help to provide further learnings within the sports, fitness and leisure sector”.

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The stats are in!

Posted by Gemma Bonska

Following the inaugural Digital Marketing Festival, as any good and on the ball organisation should do, it was time to collate the survey results to establish how everyone who joined us felt about the event.

The key takeaways from participants were to be informed, not to just assume what people want to see, take your time to craft and learn about your audience and who you want to connect and engage with.  The session with Mollie & Rosie Kmita, created a real sense of “Just do it”, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there!

Participants were also drawn by the headline of the festival which was ‘ Find your marketing mojo’, with 36% saying that they felt they found it! 

There were two very clear reasons why people took part in the festival;  to learn more about digital marketing and to improve their skills. With 100% respondents stating that attending the festival had made them feel more positive about digital marketing. 

The overall NPS (Net Promoter Score) was 64 and 84% said that they will continue to engage with the Digital Marketing Hub as a result of the festival.

Overall the participants praised the expertise of speakers, stating that they had learned a lot from industry experts. 

We feel that the results speak for themselves. We would just like to thank everyone who joined us! 

If you missed the festival don’t worry you can catch up on all the recordings by joining the Digital Marketing Hub. You can also see our festival page where you can find out a more

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The Digital Marketing Hub just got more interactive!

Posted by Gemma Bonska

The Digital Marketing Hub has exploded since the highly successful Digital Marketing Festival, that was held between the 24th – 28th of April. 

Not only was there a surge in new registrations and people joining the event, but it has also meant that the resources on the Digital Marketing Hub are packed with new and exciting content for registered users to access and learn from at their convenience.

Now that the Festival has wrapped up, the next development in the Digital Marketing Hub is the creation of three new engaged and interactive groups as well as an Ambassador programme.

The platform now has three groups for users to join::

Ready – A group created for those who are less confident in digital marketing.

Revive – A group for those looking to upskill and get back into the digital marketing game.

Rise – A group for those who are comfortable in their actions but are looking for improved results from marketing activities.

The groups can be easily accessed in the community hub, on the navigation panel, and registered users can join whichever one feels appropriate for their level.

Each group will have specific content tailored for the appropriate learning level, as well as developing relationships, conversations, and key learning takeaways. 

Charlotte Anderson, Marketing and Communications Manager at CIMSPA says. “The formation of the groups has come from the learnings we have achieved and direct feedback from users. Year 2 has seen incredible growth and more engaged users in the platform, and the next development is a natural progression of the evolution of the Digital Marketing Hub”.

The Ambassador programme allows any registered user, to share and invite people to the Digital Marketing Hub. Those who are fully engaged and inviting people, who then join, will be offered a spot as an Ambassador. 

There are three levels; 

·        Bronze Ambassadors are members who have referred at least 2 total members.

·        Silver Ambassadors are members who have referred at least 10 total members.

·        Gold Ambassadors are members who have referred at least 25 total members.

Gold Ambassadors will be given access to an exclusive Ambassadors Group.

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The inaugural Digital Marketing Festival review

Posted by Gemma Bonska

On the 24th – 28th of April, the Digital Marketing Hub held the highly anticipated Digital Marketing Festival. The event was jam-packed with a headline speaker session every morning and a networking and educational ‘hang out’ tent held each afternoon. 

The speaker lineup was considered and crafted to ensure that the full sector could gain some insightful and key learnings, as well as opening the floor for an open Q&A at the end. With headliners embracing the festival vibe and seeing some colourful background in a virtual world. It was an incredible buzz!

Monday welcomed Alison Battisby, whose session was a fresh and knowledgeable look at social media, the afternoon saw Mollie & Rosie Kmita chatting about their rise and experience with all things digital. 

Tuesday Oli Patrick set the bar high in the morning with his entrepreneurial flair and the hang-out tent, covered some thought-provoking ideas on engagement within communities and how you can link social media with this.

Wednesday Ivo Gormley joined the session and with a vibrant and energised speaker set, gave some thorough insights into his world, whilst the hang-out tent dived into creativity in digital. 

Thursday Preeti Shetty rally taped into non for profit success within digital and data, which was guaranteed to be a great session. The hangout tent in the afternoon was about Ideas slamming and boy did we get some crackers!

Friday we ended on a high with Diego Borgo, an expert on all things Web 3.0 and the Metaverse, the session had so many Q&A’s that it ran over, and it could have easily been a whole day, but sadly it had to end at some point. The final hangout tent had Daisy Domenghini as the VIP guest to bring the Digital Marketing Festival to a close.

The event saw a huge influx of registrations to the Digital Marketing Community and support from the sponsor, Digital Marketing Institute, and the partners London Sport, Active Partnerships, and ukactive, who helped to make the event even more successful. 

If you missed any of the sessions then please register for the Digital Marketing Hub where you can revisit or watch with fresh eyes the festival in all its glory!

We have also got sound bites of each session on our social media channels.

So what’s next, we hear you cry?

Next week we will be launching Ready, Revive, and Rise! 

If you are desperate to find out more and have already registered simply head into the community, if you haven’t joined yet then follow the registration link, if not watch this space for more news…

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